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:::  A & E  
  General Provd. Fund  Withdrawals 

Withdrawals may be sanctioned by the authorities competent to sanction as specified in the 5th schedule of the rules, at any time after the completion of Fifteen years of service of the subscriber or within Ten years before the date of his superannuation, whichever is earlier, from the amount standing to his credit in the Fund to meet the expenditure as listed under Rule 15 of BGPF Rules.

The authority competent to sanction part final withdrawal can sanction the withdrawal up to 90% of the balance at credit of the subscriber when it is applied for within 12 months before retirement. This can be availed of only once, without assigning any reason for withdrawal.

:: Final withdrawals from the Fund
Final withdrawal of accumulation in the Fund shall become payable
  :: When a subscriber quits the service.
  :: When a subscriber retires on superannuation.
  :: In case of death while in service.

:: Submission of application for final withdrawal

The application duly signed by the subscriber / claimant for the final withdrawal of the balance at credit in the account in prescribed format duly filled up in all respect should be forwarded to Accountant General’s office along with requisite documents by the authority who is competent to sanction temporary advance / part final withdrawal to the subscriber as specified in the 5th schedule of BGPF Rules.

No withdrawals from Fund Balances shall be permitted, once the application for Final payment is submitted to Accounts Officer.

:: Manner of Payment

On receipt of the application for Final Withdrawal the Accountant General’s office shall after verification with the ledger account issue an authority for the amount determined as payable on or after the date of superannuation. The GPF accumulations payable to the Government Servant shall be paid to the person(s) on whom the right to receive the amount is conferred by means of a nomination as per rules, if the said Government Servant dies after retirement without receiving the GPF accumulations. If no valid nominations subsist for the whole balance or the portion of the balance then it may be payable to the members of his family in equal shares except to the following

  1.   Sons who have attained Legal Majority.
  2.   Sons of a deceased son who have attained Legal majority.
  3.   Married daughters whose husband are alive.
  4.   Married daughters of a deceased son whose husbands are alive.

:: Annual Statement of Accounts

After the close of each financial year, the Accountant General shall send to each subscriber an Annual Statement Of Accounts in the Fund showing the opening balance as on the 1st April of the year, the total amounts credited or debited during the year, the total amount of interest credited as on 31st March of the year and the closing balance on that date. Subscribers should satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the annual statement and errors should be brought to the notice of the Accountant General within 3 months of receipt of the statement.

:: Missing credits

More often than not, all the schedules / vouchers are not received from the Treasury Officer/ Pay and Accounts Officer for various reasons and hence some of the credits / refunds / withdrawals do not get posted in the account. These missing entries can be included in the subscriber’s account subject to their furnishing of the wanting particulars as detailed below

  1.   Name of the subscriber.
  2.   GPF A/C No.
  3.   Name of the DDO under whom serving.
  4.   Amount of subscription / refund / withdrawal.
  5.   Salary month for which details are being furnished.
  6.   Major Head under which salary was debitable.
  7.   Treasury / sub-treasury where the salary was drawn.
  8.   Treasury voucher number / challan number.
  9.   Total of the schedule amount enclosed in the particular.
  voucher as noted on the covering schedule in case of credits.