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Treasury Inspection is conducted locally by Treasury Inspection parties generally comprising of one Accounts Officer/ Sr. Accounts Officer, one Section Officer/ Assistant Accounts Officer and two Accountants/ Sr. Accountants. Treasury records are inspected to see that all rules and procedures are in place and records showing daily transactions are properly and correctly maintained. Reconciliation with the Bank for daily transactions and also the cash closing balance is done to see that all cash transactions by the Bank have been duly accounted for by the treasury and that no difference has been found between the two sets of accounts. Test check of the cash book and stamp account is also done.

Test check of pension payments comprises to see whether authorization of pension/ family pension has been made at the correct rates and whether rules and procedure has been followed correctly. Special note is also being taken of the balances at credit in the PDLA account. Amounts under deposits remaining unclaimed for more than three years are seen and commented.

After due vetting these inspection reports are issued to the treasury inspected and the Director of Accounts and Treasuries. The points raised during inspection are also followed up with DAT office and the treasury concerned and settlement of outstanding observations sought.

     Annual Review on Working of Treasuries 2005-06.