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:::  A & E  
  General Provd. Fund  Subscription & Rates 

The Drawing and Disbursing Officer in the State Government prepares the staff pay bills along with GPF Recovery Schedules in respect of G.P. Fund subscribers under his payment control and transmits the same to Treasury Officer/ Pay and Accounts Officer for payment and allotment of voucher numbers for both credit schedules and debit vouchers.

The Treasury Officer/ Pay and Accounts Officer, in turn, after such transaction is completed, transmit the same to Office of the Accountant general for posting of data into the account of each Subscriber.

An account shall be prepared in the name of each subscriber as per Rule 8 of GPF Rules. The maintenance of GPF subscriber accounts is fully computerized in this office.

:: Rates of subscription

A subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the fund any sum not less than the minimum and not more than his/her emoluments with reference to the salary for the month of March of the preceding year. The rate of subscription can be enhanced twice and / or reduced once a year.

  Minimum Rates :- 10% of Pay
Components of Emolument
  1. Pay Leave Salary, Subsistence allowance.
  2. Dearness Advance appropriation to pay, leave salary or subsistence grant.
  3. Any remuneration of the nature of pay received in respect o foreign service.
Conditions of subscription
The subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the Fund except during
  :: Period of suspension.
  :: Last three months of service before superannuation.
  :: Period treated as Dies-non.
  :: Leave on half pay or loss of pay.