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This office endeavors to ensure timely compilation of monthly accounts, submission of various reports like disaggregated report on expenditure, appreciation note on monthly civil accounts showing among other things the position on reconciliation of accounts to ensure accuracy of the figures, the receipt of utilisation certificates against grants-in-aid payments, timely submission of the Finance and Appropriation accounts, compilation of ‘Accounts at a Glance’ and dispatch of annual GPF slips of the subscribers to the Fund.

Codes and manuals used in this office include Manual of Standing Orders (A&E), Government Accounting Rules 1990, Central Government Account (Receipt and Payment) Rules 1983, CAG’s DPC Act 1971, CPWA code and others local manuals like Book manual, DC manual, Forest manual, PWD manual, Loan and Deposit manual, GPF manual, VLC manual etc.

A summary list of documents held by this office is as follows

S.No Covering own employees Concerning State Government and its department
1. Service Books Compilation Sheet
2. Personal Files Classified abstract
3. Gradation list Consolidated Abstract
4. Pay bill Registers Detail Book in two parts for payments and receipts (Monthly)
5. Disbursement Register Abstract of Major Head totals
6. Cash Book Consolidated Abstract of Debt, Deposit, Remittance and Suspense heads
7. LTC Register Combined transfer and ledger account
8. Medical Claims Register Adjustment registers of Inward/Outward settlement accounts
9. HBA Register GPF ledger cards
10. Increment Register Master Cards
11. Festival Advance Register GPF Broad sheets
12. Contingent register GPF nomination register
13. Traveling Register Finance Accounts
14. Finance Accounts Appropriation Accounts
15. Activity Report Accounts at a Glance
16. Girnar (Hindi Magazine –Cultural ) Grants-in-aid registers and broad sheets
17.   Objection books

:: Computerisation of accounts

Voucher Level Computerisation was introduced in this office in June, 2001. Monthly civil accounts, disaggregated reports like DDO-wise expenditure, monthly report on expenditure (grant-wise) are generated and sent along with monthly accounts to State Government.

Section-wise distribution of work in Accounts Group is shown at annex-I.

:: General Provident Funds

Provident Fund of the State Government employees (Other then class IV), Provident Fund of the employees of UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Provident Fund of All India Officers is being maintained in this office. The Fund accounts have also been computerised in this office.

Monthly recovery on account of PF subscription and recovery of PF advance is generally made at source and PF credit schedules on account of subscription and recovery of advances are received along with the treasury accounts. The PF credit schedules are forwarded to EDP (Funds) for individual ledger posting and proving the monthly accounts.

Ledgers and broad sheets are generated electronically in the EDP (Funds) section. Annual GPF statements of the subscribers are generally dispatched in the month of June.

Payment vouchers of GPF are also received along with treasury accounts and individual debits on account of PF withdrawals are also posted in the ledgers in electronic format. Subscribers to the fund have also been provided with the facility of knowing the details of their Provident Fund Account through the interactive voice response system (IVRS) over the telephone.

Payment of balance in the GPF accounts of the state Government employees on retirement, designation and death are also authorised by this office.

Distribution of work in PF group is at annex-II.


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