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Under RTI Act, the Public information Officer for both Rajkot main office and Ahmedabad branch office is

Sr./ Deputy Accountant General (Admn.)
Office of Accountant General (A&E),
Race Course Road,
Rajkot .
The appellate authority against the decision of Public information officer is Accountant General of the office who is next higher authority.
For more information about this office under RTI Act, you can download the Brochure on RTI Act
For more information about RTI Act, 2005, you can download the RTI Act, 2005
Following points should be kept in mind while making application under RTI Act :

Request for obtaining information shall be accompanied by an application fee of Rs. 10 by way of Cash or by demand draft or bankers’ cheque or India Postal Order payable in the name of PAO (IAD) of this office.


For providing photocopy of any document or paper of A-4 or A-3 size, a fee of Rs. 2 per page shall be charged.


For inspection of records, no fee shall be charged for first hour. A fee of Rs. 5 shall be charged for each one hour (or fraction thereof) thereafter.


In case of request for vouchers and other communications of the State Government including the ‘Monthly Civil Accounts’ of which the State Government is the originator, action may be taken in terms of Section 6(3) of the Act to transfer the request to the concerned public authority under intimation to the petitioner within the time limit prescribed under the Act.


In respect of documents relating to office management. Administrative Reports brought out by each office can be made available for the prescribed cost. Information relating to the budget details, details regarding welfare activity, recreation, details regarding tenders etc. after conclusion of the contract, promotion, appointment, pay fixation, gradation list, roster details can be disclosed.


Information those are purely personal in nature the disclosure of which has no relationship with any public activity or interest need not be disclosed in terms of Section 8(1)(j) of the Act. In this category the personal details of the Government servant, their family, GPF balance, CRs. should not be disclosed.


The obligation under the Act is to disclose only the information available and it is not necessary to generate information for disclosure. As a general rule, internal noting should not be disclosed.