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  General Provd. Fund  Lapses Noticed in GPF 
While receiving the monthly accounts from treasuries it has been noticed that there are certain lapses in the GPF schedules .All DDO’s should take due care while preparing GPF schedules to avoid the following lapses.
(i) Schedules:
Deficiencies noticed are
1.Account number not given / wrong account number cited in schedules / Challans.
2.Schedules wanting.
3.Schedule total not tallying with the booked amount.
4.Subscription and refund amounts shown as one lump sum.
5.Name of subscribers written in abbreviated form.
6.Name / Account number illegible in the schedule.
7.Incomplete schedules i.e. continuation sheets / pages missing.
8.Treasury Challans without enclosing statement / schedule.
While receiving the GPF final payment applications, one or more of the following lapses are generally found
(ii) GPF Final Withdrawal Application:
Lapses noticed in GPF Schedules are

Form 10A, 10B and 10C do not contain details of latest deduction made or the details are furnished incorrectly.


Particulars of GPF Advances/ Withdrawals sanctioned and drawn during the period of one year prior to retirement are not furnished or are incorrectly furnished.


The application is not countersigned by the Head of the Department in case of Gazetted Officers / Drawing Officer in respect of non-gazetted staff.


Temporary advances are seen to be sanctioned after the final withdrawal application of the subscriber has been sent to the Accountant General, even though it is not permitted as per rules.


Even where advances are drawn during the previous one year, the details are not furnished. Instead a line is drawn against item No.5 of the Final Withdrawal Application Form in respect of gazetted staff and item No.4 in respect of non-gazetted staff.

All DDo's should take due care while forwarding GPF final payment applications. So that, the payment to the subscriber is not delayed.