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1.Instruction on Transfer & Posting of DAOs/Div.Accountants,HQ, Dt. 22/3/2013
2.Revised Guidelines on Transfer & Posting of DAOs-Div. Accountants
3.Guidelines on Transfer and Posting in O/o the A.G. (A&E), Gujarat, Rajkot
4.Extension of Continuous Professional Development Scheme to Senior Divisional Accounts Officer Grade-I
5.Circular No.04 & 05 Dated 10/07/2017 Reg. Incentive Examination Scheme & Continuous Professional Development Scheme to Different Cadre of Divisional Accountant
6.Circular reg.Authorisation of pensionary benefits to Divisional Accountants in Indian Audit & Accounts Department
7.Result of Divisional Accountant Grade Examination,2017.
8.Willingness for Annual General Transfers/ Posting 2018 of Divisional Accountant Cadre
9.Willingness for Supplementary CPD Exam May-2018
10.Willingness for Annual General Transfers/ Posting 2018 of Divisional Accountant Cadre
11.Annual General Transfers/ Posting 2018 of Divisional Accountant Cadre
12.Criteria for entrustment of the additional charge of vacant divisions for 2018-19
13.Entrustment of Additional Charge of Vacant PW Divisions after AGT 2018
14.Entrustment of Additional Charge of Macchanala Project Division, Diwada Colony
15.Result of DAGE held in April 2018 of Probationary Divisional Accountant
16.Willingness of choice of station for posting of Prob. Divisional Accountants
17.Computer Based Test for CPD I Incentive Examination for Sr DAO and DAO I to be held in August September 2018
18.Office Order No.152 Transfer/Posting of Probationary Divisional Accountants
19.Office Order No.153 Additional Charge of Panam Project Division. Godhra
20.Divisional Accountant Grade Examination for Probationary Divisional Accountants
21.Result of Divisional Accountants Grade Exam held in October 2018
22.Willingness of choice of station for posting of Prob. Divisional Accountant
23.Statement of Classification & Expenditure of PW Divisions in Gujarat for AGT 2018
24.Statement of Annual Budget Figures of PW Divisions for the year 2017-18
25.Standard forms for intimation/permission under the rules and expenditure incurred on repairs or minor construction work in respect of immovable property
26.Transfer and Posting of Probationalry Divisional Accountants
27.Proforma regarding Revision in limit for intimation in respect of transactions in sale and purchase of shares, securities, debentures etc
28.Application Form regarding Divisional Accountant Grade Examination-April,2019
29.Choice of stations for Annual General Transfers/ Posting 2019 of Divisional Accountant Cadre
30.Willingness for Supplementary CPD Exam June-2019

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