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  Audit Reports 

S.No Audit ReportsView 
1.Civil (English)
2.Civil (Gujarati)
3.State Finance (English)
4.State Finance (Gujarati)
5.Local Body Audit Report (Gujarati)
6.Local Body Audit Report (English)
7.General & Social Sector Audit Report (Gujarati)
8.General & Socail Sector Audit Report (English)
9.Local Body Audit Report 2015-16 (Gujarati)
10.Local Body Audit Report 2015-16 (English)
11.General & Socail Sector Audit Report 2015-16 (Gujarati)
12.General & Socail Sector Audit Report 2015-16 (English)
13.Audit Report (General & Socail Sector) 2016-17 English
14.Audit Report (General & Socail Sector) 2016-17 Gujarati
15.Audit Report (Local Bodies) 2016-17 English
16.Audit Report (Local Bodies) 2016-17 Gujarati

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